Honda Odyssey Retains Number One Position


The Honda Odyssey has taken out the number one position in private sales within the people-mover segment for the 21st month in a row.

“There is simply no better option for families when it comes to a vehicle that will move the whole family safely, comfortably and in style,” said Mr. Stephen Collins, Honda Australia Director.

October sales results showed the Odyssey sold 162 units overall, increasing annual sales to 2,329 units. Looking just at the private part of the people-mover segment, the Odyssey sits at number one with 44.2 percent market share (YTD).

The Odyssey is now available for a limited time with free registration, CTP insurance, Honda Warranty Plus and Premium Roadside Assistance as part of Honda’s Feel Free Annual Clearance campaign.

The Odyssey has long been the exception to the rule, combining the practicality of a people mover in a sexy and attractive package, with its recent redesign cementing its popularity.

With the Christmas holidays looming, every family heading off to Nana’s in their Odyssey will be sure to arrive rested and smiling. The vast cabin, which is loaded with the latest on-road technologies, ensures comfort and space is at the forefront and with fuel consumption of just 7.8l/100km, the Odyssey is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

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